Photo Gallery

My Chemical Romance
December 15th 2006











Car Crash
April 21st 2006











New Found Glory
September 19th 2006
















May 2nd 2006











Hawthorne Heights
April 19th 2006































Cradle of Filth
December 9th 2004











Lamb of God
November 9th 2004












May 17th!












Sworn Enemy,
March 25th!














The Used,
February 17th!

The Used returns!

Signing body parts

And it all begins

Just having fun

I squish your head


Box Car Racer,
November 9th!


The signing

Box Car Racer fans brave the lines


The Used,
November 11th!


The Used visit on 11/11/2002


Disturbed's exclusive visit,
September 19th!

Posing for the camera

Look at everyone who showed up

Oh, the lines!

Even the kids like 'em

Signing for the fans


Audiovent visit 9/16/2002
Audiovent drops in!


Audiovent visit


Adema visit 8/16/2002
Adema visits Rolling Stones Records!

Meeting the fans

Fans lined up

How long can it get?

More fans



Rob Zombie visit 12/05/01
Rob Zombie visits Rolling Stones Records to promote his new album, "Sinister Urge."

Signing a guitar

Meeting the fans

The policeman

The line

Nice tattoo

Zombie Young fan Group photo With a fan With another fan

Kittie visit 11/21/01
Despite their humble beginning as a garage band from Canada, Kittie has been rocking the music world with their debut album, "Spit." Their new album, "Oracle," promises to be just as popular.

The signing begins




More signing

Talking with the fans Guitar signing Morgan Talena Mercedes

Ozzy Ozbourne visit 10/20/01
Although we weren't allowed to get any photos of Ozzy himself (those security guards have eyes in the back of their heads!), you can tell by all the loyal fans that lined up outside the store for hours that the day was a success.

The fans line up

More fans

Damned lines!

The front

Ozzy's throne

A fan More fans The line grows longer    

Take a tour of the store!
Come on in and take a look around. Marvel at the sheer size of our store and be amazed at the number of CDs there are hanging from the ceiling. Browse through our large selection of CDs, listen to some new releases at our listening station. Chat with our friendly staff and ask them any questions you may have. We hope your visit to Rolling Stones is a pleasant one!

The store

Look around

Wide selection

Listening stations

Search kiosk

Friendly staff Autograph wall Outside





What do our customers say about us?

"This is the finest record shop I have ever been in period. Especially if you are looking for hard to find items or imports. When you look up your favorite artist here you are bound to find countless CDs you have never even seen before. Plus it is a very cool atmosphere with plenty of listenting areas and strange lights and always a very good mix of music in the background. From the minute you drive up you will realize this is a different/unique type of music store by all of the life-size murals that adorn the outside of the establishment. if you have never been here and are a big music fan this place is worth the drive no matter where you live to at least check out once."